Friday, July 4, 2008

Watermelon is the new...Viagra?

Happy 4th of July, America. Most of us all have the day off today, and we'll be spending some part of the long holiday weekend cooking outside with friends and family.

Enjoying picnic types food as well, I suppose. Hamburgers, hotdogs, potato salad, fruit salads, etc. Don't forget the Viagra for dessert. Ahem. I mean the watermelon.

Look at what found, boys and girls:

"Watermelons contain an ingredient called citrulline that can trigger production of a compound that helps relax the body's blood vessels, similar to what happens when a man takes Viagra, said scientists in Texas."

Juicy and delicious, wet and tasty summer melon we slice, dice and or scoop out is actually an aphrodisiac; much like oysters, chocolate and George Clooney. Each of these various food items (Yes. I. Know. Mr. Clooney isn't technically in the food category) offers a kick start to your Vespa-visceral response needing ways, baby. In other words, wanna get your engine racing before the fire works start this weekend? Offer your date a slice of watermelon and let the games begin.

p.s. Seek immediate medical attention if your date's erection lasts for more than four hours, or if they start to experience severe bloating from too much water intake.

One more thought on this subject: I wonder what the legal drug lords would have to say about this natural cock enhancer, citrulline? Keep in mind drug companies have made gazillions of dollars off of men and women's sexual dsyfunctions, by selling drugs like Viagra, Levitra and Cialis.

Once again, Felice il quarto Luglio.



KM said...

much like oysters, chocolate and George Clooney.

Love your post. I've always considered George a food item. Thanks for the info -- off to go thump a melon!

Speaking of melons, Donna George Storey has a great piece up at Erotica Readers & Writers:

Neve Black said...

Love your writing. Happy 4th to you and your melons. lol.

Thanks for the Donna George Storey insight.

Link3220 said...

Neve... usually, at the end of your blog, you mention where someone could buy whatever was used in the opening picture. So where can we get one of these - what do you call them - watermelons??? (Not that I need it, wink wink nudge nudge)

Link3220 said...

Oh, and happy Fourth to you and yours!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Oh, was I supposed to eat the watermelon? Damn. You see, I got a little excited while reading Donna's luscious melon confessions, and I grabbed the nearest watermelon, and ... well, I'm not sure anyone's going to want to eat this particular melon now.

P.S. Not that I need it, wink nudge etc.

Neve Black said...

I have a funny suspicion that once the word gets out about the effects watermelons have on a man's libido, we'll be searching for them in the produce dept. and learn they've been moved to the pharmacy dept; having to purchase them behind the counter.

I'm heading right over to read Donna George Storey's erotic yum, yum right this instant.

Thanks for reading and thank for commenting.

Happy 4th everyone!

Donna said...

Hiya Neve--

Very nice to meet you over her in the melon aisle. Thank you for sharing this info, I am all for natural enhancements over further enriching the evil drug companies. Besides wouldn't this help female erectile tissues as well?

There may indeed be lots of fireworks on the 4th!