Monday, July 28, 2008

I'm Through With You..., you... 24 hour writing contest, you. I'm done, I tell you. D-O-N-E, done with you.

In case you were wondering, I'm through with non-blog related contests. For me, it's simply too much energy and not enough reward. I'm somewhat of a perfectionist when I write. I've always been that way about things I feel deeply about, and writing goes deep for me.

Some writers strive at waiting until the last possible minute of the deadline; the 11th hour, and then pull all nighters; filled with the French Roast cups of black coffee; lots of dark chocolate and No-dose to help guide their minds toward creating a masterpiece, and they do it. Some writers do that very well.

I'm not a contest crammer of sorts. I like to ponder my thoughts; glaze over words; work from an initial outline, and then fill in the blanks as I go; little by little. Sometimes, I back words out, while thinking, "Fuck, this character wouldn't say that, they'd say this." And then I'll rewrite it a different way. I re-read paragraphs; sentences; words; word-by-word; making sure the character's persona rings true from each word chosen.


Anyway, 24 hour writing contests just aren't for me. I appreciated Craig Sorensen's comments yesterday morning too; making me feel that I'm not alone in the "What the fuck did I do to myself this time?" arena.

I could have pretended that I didn't see the e-mail message yesterday at noon, as it slid into my e-mail in box; giving me the few lines; contest rules; and the pleasant reminder that I'd better get my shit together, because the clock is ticking: 24 hours. I coulda' pretended, but I didn't; I can't. I have to always try, and just fucking go for it. I did it, and I did finish in ample time.

I didn't need gobs of chocolate and black coffee either. Perfectionists are masochistic at times also, but I already covered that little tid-bit of news in yesterday's posting.

What's your style? Do you cram for something at the very end, or do you take slow bites; thoroughly chewing before swallowing?

p.s. The picture above is from Etsy. This is from the artist's break-up series. I think she's incredibly sexy, and she resonated with my I'm through with you theme.


Craig Sorensen said...

Hi Neve,

I'm with you. I'm a methodical writer. I edit copiously.

I have worked on things on tight deadlines, but they're never of my own doing!

Neve Black said...

Hey C,
You must be taking a writing break.

Do you think there might be a correlation between anal retentiveness and then hoping to get punished for being too particular? There's a story in there somewhere....

Have a good night.