Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ready, Set, Go...

Why, oh why, do I deliberately sign up for 24 hour writing contests, and try and convince myself it's for fun? Hmmm...a root canal or a femur break is fun too, right?

Okay, it's not that bad, but having your head suddenly combust into flames from writing so fast is still painful.

As I look over the tapas size couple of lines they give the contestants to expand upon; to carve out a very short, 900 word non-erotica piece of work, I become more in tune to how much I must enjoy this type of pain... in my justification and obvious need for pain, I tell myself, "Self, writing these quick and not-at-all down n' dirty pieces is good practice." And then I mentally go through my self-inflicted pain list:

1. This will loosen up your need at trying and winnning a Pultizer Prize each time you write something non-blog related.

2. This excercise will help you become a faster and more proficient writer.

3. You like the pain, you know you do....

Did I mention the pain factor this causes me?

Suffice to say, I have 24 hours to write this piece. Wish me luck.

Ready, set, go....



Craig Sorensen said...

I love the cartoon.

I've only done a couple of writing competitions, and haven't found them satisfying at all. I guess that's the point eh? Maybe it's like that whole "feel the burn" dynamic with exercising.

Whatever the point may be, good luck and may you have an epiphany at the end of you journey.

Neve Black said...

I Craig,
You're either up really early for a Sunday, or perhaps you pulled an all nighter (writing like crazy) and never went to bed?

This might be the last non-blog contest for me. It takes away energy needed for the piece I'm currently working on...well, you touched on this in your post this week...I felt like I cheated on my smut piece. :-)


Craig Sorensen said...

Hi Neve,

I'm pretty much a habitual early riser. About the latest I ever get up is 5:30 AM. I'm a bit of an insomniac.

I still enter into the occasional contest, but I have to feel like there is more benefit that whatever the contest is offering, you know what I mean? Like you said, sometimes you might get some additional chops, or it might open your viewpoint to another idea in crafting stories. Nothing wrong with contests, but for me there has to be a personal reason to do it.

We've got to keep giving those smut pieces the affection the deserve!

Neve Black said...

Damn. 5:30 is early.This is coming from a 7-730 riser, thank you very much.

Yes. I think my heart has been stolen into the smut world of erotica. No more contests for me, unless of course it's for AT's blog.

Thank you for responding, and do appreciate the fact that other writer's are feeling the same things that I do. It means a lot.

Have a great one -