Saturday, July 19, 2008

Personal Sex Machines

As a follow up to last week's post regarding robotic boyfriends and girlfriends, a friend of mine, and fellow Neve Black blog reader sent me an article regarding personal sex machines (the monkey rocket tango is pictured above).

I read the Personal Sex Machine article and I found myself immediately checking the calendar, wondering if it was my birthday month. Nope. It's not. Perhaps it's Christmas in July. Whatever the reason, it's fantastic news for all of us, and I want to share, share, share it with all of you....

Personal sex machines, boys and girls. I'm not talking about your average dildos, blow-up dolls, vibrating cock rings, or take it to the next level and have your cock pierced as a special favor for Neve kind of personal sex machines either. We're talking big time techie product developers that have made all kinds of thumping, vibrating, shiny, happy new toys (BIG SMILE).

Below is a snippet from the article if you're short on time and choose not (poor choice) to read it in its entirety:

"...It's the ultimate revenge of the nerds as product developers use their big brains to create sex machines that kick pleasure into overdrive. In fact, the very nature of the sex "toy" is changing as a new generation of sex-positive engineers infiltrates the industry...."

Complete article can be read by selecting here.


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