Friday, July 18, 2008

Pleasure Pain Principle

Epiphany approached the austere, and dimly lit building. She glanced down at her chicken scratch penmanship on the post-it-note she had scribed earlier, and then looked up; squinting in between the windshield wiper's melody, searching for names of street signs illuminated by the full moon's ominous light.

Epiphany had driven the five blocks north, then headed east, and drove two blocks more. Her head was pounding after a long and stressful work day. This place was located away from the hustle and bustle streets of the city, a place so far removed from anything else, but so close at the same time.

The solid wooden door was heavy, and Epiphany pushed down on the patina brass door handle; opening the squeeky door. Her footsteps echoed throughout the travertine tiled floor below and marble walls, as her petite frame walked inside the doorway; the door shut loudly behind her. She shook the rain drops from her dark, tendrils, and noticed the list of recipes available for the evening were displayed on a chalk board that sat up against a tripod easle, to her right.

A man approached her; dressed like a waiter, wearing black pants, black shoes, a white, button down, long sleeve, mandarin collared shirt and a white waiter's apron tied around his waist. His name tag said: Maitre D'.

"How may I help you this evening?" The Maitre D' asked; standing erect, both hands were clasped behind his back.

"Hmmm...This place was recommended to me, but I don't see pleasure with pain on the menu tonight, Sir." Epiphany said.

"It's there, read between the lines; the subtext text." The Maitre D' answered.

"Oh, please forgive me, but I don't see it, Sir. I think you might have to show me where it is, Sir." Epiphany pleaded, putting her head down, while looking up with her round, soft brown eyes.

"Okay, but if I have to show you, I'll have to show you." The Maitre D' responded, walking toward her, pulling the riding crop out that was tucked inside his apron.

Epiphany could feel her headache begin to dissipate....

This is the scenario my mind came up with after reading a headline I spotted today; duly noted in today's blog title above. Here's a snippet from the article that subsequently led to the story I created for you above:

Sex is nature's own pain reliever. Orgasm doubles the pain threshold, although the effect doesn't last long enough to serve as a treatment. Exploring this effect, Barry Komisaruk, professor of psychology at Rutgers University in New Jersey, has found that for women, just a bit of pressure in the vaginal region (not the clitoris) can dampen pain perception for hours. Research with rats suggests that rectal pressure in both sexes has a similar, but less powerful effect, possibly because both vagina and rectum use the same sensory nerve. Komisaruk and his students are studying women with chronic leg and pelvic pain to see if vaginal stimulation can help.

It's as simple as breathing in and out. For every action; a reaction. Point and flex. Feeling some pain? Increase your sexual pleasure for release. Want more sexual pleasure? Increase the pain, and feel the pleasure.




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