Thursday, July 17, 2008

Koochie Lickings

I think some of my best blog writing thus far has come from everyday conversations I have with my friends, and or people that happen to randomly cross my path. It's summer and I enjoy being outside as much as possible. I've been walking and or cycling through Cleveland's city park system more frequently.

This morning, my friend Natalie and I walked and talked for a few miles through the park. Because we were outside, naturally our conversation turned to the birds and bees. Ahem. Well, sort of. Today's conversation gives new meaning to the phrase,"Talk with me, walk with me, and touch me like you know me."

"What's the slang term used for when a woman gets a blow job?" Natalie asked me this morning.

"Oh that's an easy one, koochi lickings." I responded.

The term koochie lickings is a word I've used to describe cunnilingus for years now. "Here's to 1,000 hours of koochi lickings." I would say before making a toast, clinking glasses together with other women, or sucking the lime; licking the salt and throwing back that golden tequila nectar.

"I know that's what you like to call it, but not everyone uses that term, Neve. Think about it, there really isn't a universal slang term for cunnilingus, like there is for fellatio, aka: Blow Job. Everyone knows what a blow job is" She responded.

Natalie makes a good point. I've heard women refer to having their clits sucked, licked and hummed upon by using words like, going down on me, head south for the winter, he licked my wu, getting oral, or, eaten out to name a few. There really isn't just one specific word used to describe the phenomenal experience, known as cunnilingus, is there?

I don't usually ask someone in the heat of passion to pretty, please with my cherry on top give me cunnilingus. I say, I want you to suck my clit and make me cum. Yep. That's sounds about right. The word, cunninlingus comes from the alternative Latin word for the vulva (cunnus) and from the Latin word for tongue (lingua). Alas, with a little verb fucking, or conjugation; cunninlingus was born.

Lost in the cunnilingus sauce, are you? Here's the on-line definition of a woman's blow job, you know, koochie lickings; cunninlingus:

Cunnilingus is the act of using the mouth, lips and tongue to stimulate the female genitals. The clitoris is particularly noted for stimulation as it is the most sensitive part of the female genitalia. A person who performs cunnilingus may be referred to as a "cunnilinguist". Most women achieve orgasm easily from clitoral stimulation as part of cunnilingus

Now tell me, what do you like to call it? Do you like it? Yes? No? Are you a cunnilinguist? A receiver of cunninlingus? Both? Come on. Give it up for Neve.


p.s. The Cunnilingus notepad above can be purchased here via Etsy.


Link3220 said...

I feel for you, I really do, that you don't have a catchy nickname for cunnilingus. But when it comes "down" to it, there's only one popular slang name for fellatio, and it doesn't even make sense. I mean, does anyone blow when they're down there? I hope not. And even though I'd more likely ask for a blowjob than for fellacio, my first choice, if she hadn't taken the initiative yet, would be to ask her to suck my cock, or maybe just mention how good it would feel to have her mouth wrapped around it. "Kootchie licking" might be a term to use in a conversation with the girls, but just tell your guy you want his face between your legs, tongue on your pussy, etc. Some things are better left without a catchy nickname.

Neve Black said...

Interesting perspective. I like it. In retrospect it sounds a lot hotter too, especially from the auditory voyeristic's point of view.

Hmmm...I'll keep that in mind the next time...uh...uh, I mean. Yeah, nuff said.


steveg said...

During a college party, I overheard thru a dorm room door, the voice of a buddy of mine say, "Suck, don't blow! It's only an expression."

We have immortalized that incident of auditory voyeurism for over twenty years with email reminders to each other.

Neve Black said...

Hmmm....Want to know what I say? "Suck and blow, baby...."

Thanks for sharing and contributing.

p.s. How can I get on that e-mail reminder list?