Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Auditory Voyeurism

You can blame today's blog title on the lovely and talented, Ms. Alison Tyler. Alison has a way of asking her readers to send snippets of information about themselves. "Tell me a story..., a fantasy..." She asks, pleadingly. Let me be more specific, she's asking for sexual snippets. And well, I take the bait nearly every time.

I recently won a book, Best Fetish Erotica , which features a story written by Alison titled, Blades. I won the book for one of my fetish stories I'd shared on Alison's blog.

Truth be known, I live on the dark side when it cums to fetishes and fetish related topics.

One of my secrets fetishes is auditory voyerism. I'm an auditory voyeur, and I'm proud of it. I love to listen to people fuck. I love hearing them, but not being able to see them. I'm forced to use my imaginiation on what they look like; what they're wearing, and what sexual position they're doing it in. Damn. It's hot, and it makes me hot....

Auditory Voyeurism is an addiction, and like Amy Winehouse, I say, no, no, no to rehabilitation. If there's a cure for this, I don't want it.

I can remember staying in a hotel in Arizona with a group of friends during May Gray; June Gloom season in San Diego. We were tired of the low pressure cell hovering over the Dakota's which notoriously causes a cold, and dreary marine layer of yuck across the Pacific's coastline. We craved the hot sun, blue sky, swimming pools, pina coladas and of course, hot, single men.

I was in my room; reading and relaxing alone before dinner. I heard strange noises coming through the somewhat paper thin walls from the room right next door. It was a couple that I'd seen earlier that morning having coffee on their patio. Their room was next to mine; we shared a common wall. There wasn't anything that special about this couple: Mid-40's; married; golfiing get away in AZ.

I couldn't see them, but I could hear them while they were in mid-fuck. He was beggging and nearly screaming to his wife, "Please can I cum...please I wanna is all right if I CUM?" She was panting and moaning (so obviously faking her pre-orgasm, orgasm) and I thought to myself, "For the love of God, say yes, and let the poor dude cum, already."

I wondered what position they were in, and if they were completely naked, or did he just pull his golf shorts off; lift her skirt; push her panties aside and plunge his hard cock into her, feverishly. She finally let him cum, and wow, did he. I think the matress that I was laying on shook, because AZ isn't known for earthquakes. It made me wet thinking about them; just a layer of drywall, and wall paper keeping us apart. Aroused as hell, I wanted to bang on the wall; beg, borrow and steal to be next, but I didn't.

Here's another one and then I'll stop, I promise:

I was in Granada, Spain. I'd been cycling in the mountains above the city for days. I was planning to fly into Barcelona the very next morning, so I found a hostel in the city. It was the wee morning hours, and I was fast asleep. I was awoken by the sounds of very, low and gutteral moaning.

Once again , I heard strange sounds cuming through the paper thin walls next to my bed where I lay my head. "Oye, oye, oye, oyyyyye." Were the words of a woman panting and moaning in ecstasy, and rapture. I think she was receiving oral, and she wasn't faking it. You can tell the difference. Her moans became consistently louder and louder until she stopped, almost like she was holding her breath while she came, and then she let out a long and heavy sigh.

I was dripping wet and out of my mind horny after that. I masturbated to the memory of her voice that morning and many times afterwards. It was melodic and unbelievably sexy to me.

Now that I've shared a little bit of my naughty side with all of you, it's your turn to give it up. What's your sexual fetish?


p.s. Alfred Hitchcock was also a auditory voyeur. He'd have the camera direction creep up from behind the actors; listening to their conversations. The viewers couldn't see the actor's faces, but you could hear the conversations, and it was always sexual. Heavy sigh.

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Anonymous said...

Could you post your blogs in audio format... I hate reading, but I can listen to anything... ~ an audio voyeur