Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Signature Song

"What's your signature song, Neve?" My friend affectionately known as 'Q' asked me while we were cruising down the highway on our way to dinner last week.

"Huh? Do you mean a song that sums up my personality, kinda signature song?" I asked.

"Yeah. You know, like a song a professional athlete would choose when they enter the playing field, summarizing up his/her personality." Q said, giving more clarity.

"Oh. Huh? Damn. You come up with some good questions, Q. It's no wonder you're in the professional training and development field. Jeez-Louise. What would your song be?" I said, stalling for an answer.

"This time, will be the last time.... that we will fight like this." Q suddenly belted out in song.

"Is that the late, great Michael Hutchence from INXS?" I asked.

"Yep." Q said, and turned the music up in the car; singing along:

I will believe you, If you say it's true girl
you know I need you more than any word spoken
I've seen you before turn and walk away
You say you won't come back
It's a game anyway

We are hoping - yes we are praying
This time will be the last time
That we will fight like this

We are always wanting things we cannot find
You know that we are always wasting time
You know I can forget
We have fought before I've seen inside your heart
And I know it's breaking

I thought about why she chose that song as her signature song. The lyrics speak of a relationship that seem to continuessly be on the brink of ending, and then beginning again, and, so on and so on.... Chances are it probably did finally end. I wonder if it Michael Hutchence was singing This Time to his girlfriend, Paula Yates? That relationship was surely scandalous. Hmmm.... What's ironic is that they both died; both comitted suicide. So essentially there really was a last time that they would fight like this. I just creeped myself out.

Anything by Prince will have lyrics I can identify with, but Q asked for a song; singular, not a notebook of songs. Sorry, TAFKAP, aka Prince. Ever wonder what the hell that sign he was using for awhile stood for? Me too. I researched it. Trust me, that's a whole other blog topic. Nope. It's not Madonna's religion of choice, Kabbalah that coincidentally appears to be A-Rod's excuse to his wife. And I'm pretty confidant saying that it probably won't be the last time that they will fight like this.
The band, 311's I Told Myself lyrics come to mind and it's within the same love gone bad genre: FUCK. I need to let this dog with parvo for a relationship end, for the love of God!

My girlfriend, Q is in a long-term, and very healthy relationship with her boyfriend. Oh, wait, fiance' (I love using that word) and they don't really fight. I wondered if it was the song du jour; that specific moment, or a pleasant memory from the 1980's that made her choose INXS's song as her signature song?

What would my signature song be? Damn. Damn. Damn. I don't have just one. I really like Beck's Lost Cause; and it's fitting to the signature love song gone awry theme I have going on here, but, that's not really how I feel, right now. I have though. I think most of us have. I guess sometimes I do feel like a lost cause, but that has more to do with the pressure I put upon myself to write, and less to do with love. Just in case you're wondering, I'm perfect when it comes to love. Uh, huh, and monkeys fly out of my butt (SNL reference).

The song I would choose would have to be like the smorgasbord of emoticons used to describe your mood on a Myspace page: Vexed, happy, sad, lethargic, sleepy, sleezy, sneezy (Ooops. That's the seven dwarfs). Does anyone have a signature song? Do you? Just one song that really conveys who you are. Is there such a thing? I'm not sure. I don't think it would matter how long I pondered the Q question, one song just isn't enough.



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