Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Voyeurism and Murder

I'm fascinated with voyeurism. That stated and out in the open, my voyeur fascination might have something to do with a seed planted long ago after seeing the movie, Rear Window (pictured above), with James Stewart and Grace Kelly. Along with voyeurism, the movie has another one of my favorite subjects running through the plot: Murder. Maybe Mr. Hitchcock should have titled the film: A View To a Kill, had Duran/Duran compose the music; traded Jimmy Stewart for Roger Moore, and well, never mind.

Voyeurism is one of the ultimate indulgences, I think. Watching or listening to someone else without them knowing; without receiving their permission and getting off on it. Oh my.

If you think about it, a voyeur secretly steals a piece of someone's life; covets it and makes it their own.

I'm writing down some thoughts on the subject of voyeurism; starting to work them into a story. I put my special sexual research hat on, and I've discovered some new information about voyeurs. I've also learned quite a lot about myself: I'm a pervert. Too much to tell on that subject in this posting, so I'm saving for another day.

Now you tell me, can you think of any other films that have to do with Voyeurism? No fair choosing Disturbia, because that's a modern day re-make of Rear Window.



Craig Sorensen said...

I'm a huge Hitchcock fan, and a fan of Rear Window in particular, but he laced voyeurism into so many great films; Psycho is another.

Another movie that springs to mind on that theme is Body Double from the mid '80's (if I remember right.)

Lynch's Blue Velvet is another juicy one.

Neve Black said...

Yes, yes, yes. I've seen all those and films and they most definately ring of voyeurism.

I'm sending you lots of positive writing novel thoughts, Craig.

Keep me posted on how your progress.

Have a great one,