Monday, July 21, 2008

You're Invited, Please Cum

We all have them; those little milestones in our lives that help us ultimately kick the ball over the goal line, and before we know it we can see the progress of our efforts; our blood, sweat and tears finally pays off. Sometimes that progress and those efforts get us closer to our dreams.

I had a recent milestone when I was published this year. Then I had another milestone when I was published again, and this time, I was paid for my work; making me a professional within the porn industry; okay erotica, but I like the alliteration of the word porn: Porn, professional.

Well very recently; this past weekend, to be precise, I had huge and exciting thing happen to me.
No. I didn't have a menage a many, however, I do concur with your thoughts. Ahem. That would be huge news indeed.

My heroine, Alison Tyler who I've mentioned on more than one occassion has invited me to write a piece for an anthology she's going to edit. How fucking cool is that? I sent her back a message accepting her offer; letting her know my emotional standing: "I have goosebumps. I'm honored. I'm so excited. Thank you."

I remember when the musician Jewel was just starting out, and I saw her at concert series called, Lilith Fair. I was living in Seattle, WA at the time, and Jewel was maybe 18 years old. After her performance, she told the audience with tears in her eyes how truly wonderful it was to really be living her dream. Her message was not to give up; to keep pushing forward and go after what you want. I'll never forget what she said. I wasn't in a place at that time that was allowing me to live my dream; which has always been to write.

What's your dream? Have you had a recent milestone in your life? Wanna share? Please do.




Craig Sorensen said...

Hey Neve,

Congrats on the Alison invite. Well done! This has been a year of milestones for my writing too. First anthology publication, first print magazine publication, first published poem.

Your star is on the rise, and I shall be watching (note the reference to your recent voyeur post!)


Neve Black said...

Hi Craig,
Thanks. It must have something to do with H20 signs and stars? Haha!

Congratulations to you on all your milestones; leading you toward that novel.