Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Beach Blanket Bingo

was the name of the summer beach parties that our old friends Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon, aka: Moondoggie would attend, circa 1960's. I love this movie sequence where everyone was so young, innocent and idealistic about dating. I think there may have been some hanky panky going on between the surfing and the volleyball, but if my memory serves me correctly, Annette and Moondoggie may have sipped on some punch, but it surely wasn't sex on the beach.

As we move into the month of August (No. I. Can't. Believe. It) knowing that September is just on the horizon; signaling a traditional goodbye to summer, I want to know if you've been experiencing a summer fling with someone over these last hot summer months, or is your union becoming more serious? Not sure?

I found an article titled: Three Signs It's a Summer Fling. I thought I'd share this author's tell-tale signs of flingdom with you. Yes, of course I added a few extra Neve Black tid-bits into his theory. You know I can't help it.

Note: The author is a male and you'll notice his words are geared toward a female heterosexual audience, but I think his philosophy could apply to everyone:

Sign #1: There's no September. If your new guy is tentative about discussing the future (as in, autumn), he may consider your situation to be strictly casual. That said, most budding relationships focus on the present rather than the future, because you're both figuring out if it's worth pursuing. So don't read too much into this one sign.
Neve's comments: Your hot, hot, hot summer romance could suddenly turn a bit chilly if you learn that this person has a spouse at home, hence the no future with this person in your future. "Don't ask, don't tell." Better just ask and make sure.

Sign #2: What friends? You and your new love are an island. You haven't met each other's social circle, and for now, you're cool with that. Yes, you have him all to yourself - great! But from a man's standpoint, sequestering you makes it very convenient for him to terminate your affair when it reaches its use-by date, which he may have predetermined.
Neve's comments: Hmmm.... I think it's important to make sure your current lover isn't playing on both teams. Sequestering you away from his or her second life and a second set of friends that play real dress up games. Don't fall victim to FSOI, aka: False Sexual Orientation Information.

This can sometimes happen at the beginning stages of a relationship, and later you find yourself wondering why something just isn't adding up. I'm sure you would concur that this could be problematic. But then again, B-69. I-69. N-69. O-69. + 1 or 2, a whip, paddle and blindfold spells a winning beach blanket bingo winner to me, and a fun summer menage-a-many.

Sign #3: It's a one-track bond. Let's just say you wouldn't classify your current union as a meeting of the minds. In fact, while you totally dig each other's action between the sheets, you rarely connect when your clothes are on. This affair will burn fast and bright, so enjoy your lusty tryst. Just don't mistake hot sex for a growing romance if it's clear your chemistry is all about the booty.
Neve's comments: The author is probably right about this one. I've know too many people that have spent their entire summers in bed. Well, okay most of their time in the bed. I'm sure they had shower sex, sex in between meals and fucked while brushing their teeth. Hell, life has to continue, right?

Huh? Sex in the shower, on the dining room table, on top of washing machine? Wow. That sounds great doesn't it? Oh, wait. I was projecting there for a minute. Sorry. Having nothing but 24/7 sex can be fantastic I suppose, but you might be asking yourself at some point why Moondoggie hasn't invited you out to dinner as you finally come up for air after three blissfull summer months'.

I hope this article provides you with some added insight into your current summer romance; giving you better understanding and insight. So, do you anticipate more beach, blanket bingo summers with your summer lover next year, like Annette and Moondoggie, or are you in the midst of summer fling-zing that's getting ready to set sail after the last summer sunset?


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