Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Lime in the Coconut

I met some friends for drinks last night. We all used to work together, but a lot of us have since moved on to other prosperous opportunities. Jobs change, but the friendships still remain.

Depending on what set of friends I'm meeting depends upon the type of cocktail I order. The time of day; day of the week; the place we're meeting; if I had been out drinking the night before, and most importantly: The conversation that will be taking place has a lot to with my beverage choice.

Sometimes ordering a cool and refreshing glass of Sauvignon Blanc is perfect for those whimsical, Happy Hour; let's grab a drink, a small bite and sit outside somewhere and just catch up on shit. If the conversation is going to be more complex, then my finger moves over to the bolder reds listed on the menu; offering somthing more substantial to go with the depth of the conversation. I certainly don't want to leave out one of my all time favorites, and is welcome at any social event: Beer. I do enjoy a good Mexican beer. Thank you very much.

If it's well pass Happy Hour and there's classic Jazz music involved then I'm going for a dirty, vodka martini with extra olives.

Last night was a Lime in the Coconut kind of evening. A tequila kind of night. I like em' over ice; salty round' the rim. Yum, yum, yum....


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