Saturday, August 2, 2008

Dark Knight, Sweet Prince

I've been writing a lot. I've been very focused and my brain hurts. Blogging is my take a break from over analyzing, and re-reading 600+ times to quadruply be sure Neve's voice flows well in and out of each sentence of the story I'm working on right now. It's that way with every story.

I thought I'd blog a little about the new Batman movie that's out; thus today's blog title above. Like my ode to Hamlet? No? Okay. I know. I'm a dork. I told you my brain hurts.

Why did I go and see the movie, that I so solemny swore I wouldn't pay to see? Well, first of all, out of all the Dectective Comics, Batman is the only one I like, probably because he's so dark. DC also totes, Wonderwoman and Superman.

Secondly, my dear friend, SB really wanted to go. He said he'd treat me to the movie; buy the popcorn, and the ice cold beverage that fits into the arm rest cup holder.

"Arm rest cup holders? Huh?"

How could I refuse? I love Batman, and it's kinda nice to sit in those plushy barcaloungers at the cineplex compound. My butt is used to feeling numb after sitting on the old, hard and wooden, school desk seats at the art house movie theater.

There's another reason too: You see, I think I'm finally over George Clooney. I've moved onto Christian Bale. Truth be told, I've been torn between these two lovers for awhile now, but George just won't commit, so it's Christian for me, baby. I'm kidding. Sort of.

What's not too like about Batman? He's very erotic: Sensuous; sexy, deep, dark, filthy rich and mysterious. He's the ultimate in alter-egos too, which is also erotic: Bruce Wayne, the multi-millionare, philanthropist and of course, playboy by day, but by night... he's none other than a man that uses nothing more than his bank roll, rubber, latex batsuit (S&M) and intellect; pledging his nocturnal life to fight crime.... Plus I love the name of his butler; Alfred Pennywise. That's just terrific.

Did I like the movie?

Hmm...where do I begin? Do I really want to sound like a Nancy-know-it-all, wanna-be-director, film critic and diss on the film? Well, yes and no. I was amazed at the shoot-em-up, blow up theatrics of the film. I was equally disappointed in the the two main ingredients that make a film work: A fabulous plot and great acting.

My heart broke all over again after watching Heath Ledger's performance. He's one of the great one's folks, and he's gone. What did I really like about his performance? I loved the way the Joker constantly licked his lips, and ran his hands through his tinged green and greesy hair; driven by the socio-path and maniacal force within; bubbling to the surface as nervous habits. He was a monster; he was superb.

Even though my heart has been stolen away by Christian Bale, this was not his best role, and he's a supreme actor. Maggie Gyllenhaal...I love her. She's an excptional actress, and God didn't we all love her in The Secretary? She was too underdimensional (I just made that word up) in this role; I attribute it once again to bad direction.

One final note and then I'll shut up: The movie was too long. As an example: While trying to define the movie's ending, it went into too much detail explaining the role of the villain, Two-Faced. I simply got lost in the plot sauce (More Neve made up words).

What puts the pulp in Pulp Fiction? Certainly not adding unecessary explanation and length to what should be tacitly implied. I wanted to stand up and say, "For the love of God, didn't you read the comic books? Batman always takes the fall; he's the good, dark knight. Everybody knows that."

Yes, I would have done it differently. I'm funny that way, I would have used the script. I would have followed the comic books that were already written; not divesting to much from the original copy and then given the credit to the author.

I can't say I'd recommend it, and I'm glad I wasn't buying. :-)


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Neve Black

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