Monday, September 1, 2008

Healthy, wealthy, wise and happy

As I sat on my suitcase; still shoving doo-dads into its sides, while zipping it up for its trip to Italia this week, I took a moment to reflect on how blessed I am. I'm going to Europe for a two weeks! For some people that's no big deal, but for me, travel is something I savor. I've saved and sacraficed for this trip. I've forgone fun and debauchery. Hell, I've missed some good jazz concerts with my Italia trip goal in mind.

Do you ever just stop? Stop to smell the coffee, the roses, or look up into the sky and think damn, my life is pretty good?

Hell, I have had my bad days too. Fuck, don't we all? For the most part, I'm...healthy, wealthy, wise and happy -

Healthy: I'm healthy. Namaste.

Wealthy: Nope. Make no mistake. I'm not tied to the Rockefeller's, the Dupont's, or some other wealthy blood line. I'm Neve frugal. I shop at Unique Thrift. I drive a paid for car and I live in a very modest house. Yes, I have my indulgences: I have three adopted pussies that were living on the streets of Cleveland. I like to think their lives are a lot better now after coming to live at Chez Black's. I do like to eat good food and sometimes I drink a bit too much (insert bar tabs). I also love to travel and purchase items in the art and music categories. It's a balance though. I scrimp here and go overboard there: Eat rice and beans and drink cheap beer all week so I can save money and buy something really cool, like one of these.

Wise: Hmmm...I was always one of those persons in school that had to be diligent at every subject. Nothing really ever came easy for me, except for English classes. What a wonder that is. I had to work at that too though. I do lots of research to try and stay wise. I read, read and then read some more.

Happy: I'm a very happy person. I know. I know, cheese city. Sorry. I'm lucky to have attracted people in my life that love and care about me, and I love and care about them. I've met some really fantastic and talented writers since taking a dip into the world of erotica writing too, and hey, thanks for letting me stay in the pool for awhile with you. My fingers are really getting pruny. I love it.

What about you? Did I miss something? Maybe humility? That's a good one.


p.s. I know the guy in the photo has absolutely nothing to do with this post, but damn isn't he HOT? I guess he could contribute to healthy and happy though, so he's applicable, I suppose. I couldn't resist. Please thank the ladies at Lust Bites for this wetman image.


Heidi Champa said...

Enjoy yourself, Neve. All this travel talk makes me want to run away somewhere myself. Have Fun!!

Neve Black said...

Thanks Heidi.

I hope you're enjoying your weekend.

You just have to plan it and do it. :-)

Jeremy Edwards said...

Happy, happy travels!

I'll look forward to seeing some Italy-inspired erotica come out of this trip.

Neve Black said...

Thank you Jeremy.

I'll look forward to seeing some Italy inspired erotica come out of this trip

I'm hoping to be inspired while cuming and going. :-)

John Ettorre said...

Have a great trip, Neve. But I can't believe you used that old photo of me in this post!

Neve Black said...

I know I should have asked permission before blog posting this photo of you.

Don't be mad, okay?