Friday, October 10, 2008

Headed Down Under

No, Heidi, Kirsten and I are not flying off to Australia or New Zealand this week. I have however taken on a rather large writing project that feels like I've been down under though; tucked away inside to be more precise. If you see smoke, please know it's only my brain wrestling with my fingers as I quickly type out the words.

Does it sound like I'm complaining? I hope not, because I'm actually psyched for the opportunity. I love a challenge and hell, as of this very minute, I'm ahead of my daily word count.

My plan is to resurface for sex, sex, water, food, sex and Yoga (Namaste, Sommer). I plan to stay in the loop of what everyone else is doing too. If I seem a little blog quiet from time to time, please know I'm just busy writing, or conducting erotic research (a definite on the job benefit) and working on a fast approaching deadline.

Have a Great Weekend -



Kirsten Monroe said...

Oh, I got so excited.....for a trip to the far and away. Sounds like an amazing opportunity! Sending happy thoughts for some hot & sexy tap-tap-typing!


Neve Black said...

This project has been the most challenging for me, thus far.

I guess it only gets more challenging going forward, right?

Thanks for the kind words, Kirsten.

Everytime we pick up a pen, or laptop to write, the destination is unknown, I suppose. Therefore we're all essentially on the same plane together. That sounded cheesy, but it wasn't meant to be.

Happy Friday and happy weekend!

Craig Sorensen said...

Sounds like an awesome project, Neve. This is the good stuff about being a writer.

Enjoy being lost in it.

Neve Black said...

Thanks Craig,
It feels good to be focused on a WRITING project. You know? It feels right.

BTW: I've been listening to pianist, Robert Glasper a lot on Sirius 72 (all jazz). His music feeds my soul. Try Maiden Voyage/Everything in its place.

Neve -

Heidi Champa said...

Nobody gets to go to Australia without me tagging along! Enjoy your project, sounds exciting!!

Neve Black said...

Don't you worry. We're going together...or at least one of is getting smuggled into the other's suitcase.

I'm anxious to hear all about your reading!

MilesB said...

Hey, I saw that McDonald's when I landed in Sydney this summer!

It was good meeting you at Visible Voice last night. Good luck with the writing project.

Neve Black said...

Hi Miles,
Thanks. Nice seeing you also. Sorry, I missed your read.

I'd hoped for a bit more drunken slurs, mismatched socks, un-showered, rag-a-muffin types last night - you know, epitomizing the true C. Bukowski.

Keep checking back at Visible Voice's erotica section. It's my personal goal to fill that section with some much better uh... reading material. :-)

Jeremy Edwards said...

Everytime we pick up a pen, or laptop to write, the destination is unknown, I suppose. Therefore we're all essentially on the same plane together.

I love that! Well said!

Neve Black said...

Thanks Jeremy.

It must be from hanging around you lately via blogging...osmosis ala Jeremy. :-)

MilesB said...

Oh, there was plenty of drunken slurry and lasciviousness at Prosperity later in the night. No arrests, though, so I guess it wasn't that wild...

Neve Black said...

I just knew I should have gone. I can alway use a dose of drunken, lewd and lascivious prosperity.

See you soon -