Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Wanna Fuck...

in the car? Then head on over to Alison Tyler's blog and be prepared to start your engine's boys and girls.

Vote for your favorite, From sex in a CRX to banged in a Yugo story today. Yes, yours truly has a story entered, but I'm NOT going to tell which story is mine. I want you to choose your favorite.

Have fun and no need to thank me for turning your engine on today. It's always my pleasure. :-)

Vroom - Vroom


Link3220 said...

Hey Neve... just wanted to submit my guess as to which of those stories was yours. There were a few that I had to choose from, but one line in story #9, wide wide eyes, called to me as being something you'd write. Okay, what do I win?

Neve Black said...

I was story #1, I like it fast.

Thanks for reading though and I hope you voted for your favorite. They were all very, very good. :-)