Monday, December 8, 2008

The Other Woman

I got the news on Friday that my recently purchased svelte and sexy laptop-mistress would finally be arriving in town today. I can't wait to meet her for the first time.

I made sure to get my hair done. Actually, I pulled out all the stops: I had a mani and pedi done too. I want to look great when she arrives, so...

I took a long, hot bath; adding several drops of spicy, Moroccan-scented oil to the water before patting down my slippery, wet body with a large, scrumptiously warm and delicious bath towel. Hungry fingers dipped into the luxurious body souffle before spreading the emollient richness over my softly, shaven legs. Mmmm...they feel so good when I rub up against them now.

Next, I delicately pointed each foot when I put on my sheer, satin-to-the-touch stockings with the endless seems running down the back. I chose to wear them under a black little number and I can feel the silky material as it brushes up against an impatient garter belt strap. I buckled each black and shiny, peep-toe pump at my ankle, and then gazed in rapturous delight as my coy, but dazzling red polished toe nails played hide-go-seek with me.

Lastly, I lined my eyes with black liner, because it makes them look iridescent and sexy. A pinch of sun-kissed peach on my cheeks and just a brush of shimmery-wet gloss across my lips.

There. I'm all ready for her now.

I'll probably resurface in a week or so (wink) -
Neve Black

p.s. The pulp fridge magnet above can be purchased here via Etsy.


Craig Sorensen said...

That's one lucky laptop! Just poke your head up from time to time when you're catching your breath to give us a wink.


Neve Black said...

Thanks, Craig. I'm sure she'll tire of me far quicker than I will of her and I'll be back to blogging in no time. :-)

Heidi Champa said...

Nothing like a new laptop, is there Neve? I know mine is quite the little minx as well. She has such a dirty hard drive.

Spam word: flier. Love it.

Neve Black said...

Ooooh, Heidi, that was very clever, chica. :-)

Kirsten Monroe said...

You had me with "body souffle!"

Hell's bells, my spamword is joingly! No explanation or interpretation needed! I'm gettin' joingly with it!

Neve Black said...

Why did I just know the word souffle would somehow get your attention? :-)

BTW: Those yummy little apple do-dads you baked yesterday had my tummy growling for hours.

Jeremy Edwards said...

This was definitely the sexiest technology article I've ever read. It's left me all joingly, too!

Neve Black said...

Thanks Jeremy!
Does it make you want to go out and purchase a shiny and new piece of technology that fits snugly on your, ahem...lap?

Who would of thought that we the erotica writers of the world would somehow be responsible for boosting (no pun) technology sales? Uber-geeky and erotic.