Tuesday, December 30, 2008


As we fast approach the end of 2008 and begin a new year, most of us start thinking about our New Year's resolutions. You know, those pesky doo-dad issues that we think about resolving within ourselves.

Yeah, those.

Two of my soul sisters and I get together around the holidays each year to have an open discussion about what we think the other's resolutions should be. Our approach is socratic and very cathartic. I can't often see the forest through the trees (or the trees in the forest) within myself, but my friends, well, let's just say they see things more clearly.

This year I'm not going to try and resolve anything. It's not because I'm Polly Perfect Pants either. I'm a quintessential work in progress. My cup runneth over with issues that I need to resolve, for God's sakes. Instead, I'm going to continue to be a good friend, to have an open mind and heart, to love and not judge others and to continue to grow as a person - evolution of mind, body and soul.

What about you?

Unresolved and Happy for '09,
Neve Black

Photograph above can be found here via Etsy.


Smut Girl said...

Happy New Year, Neve!

Neve Black said...

Thanks Sommer! :-)