Sunday, December 28, 2008

Begging You For Mercy

This morning during my one hour Spin class, this song really helped me climb the mountainous region of Alhambra De Granada. The music is Duffy. That's hot, hot, hot Gary Cooper and gorgeous Patricia Neal playing in the video above. I think the film is Fountainhead (1949), which was written by Ayn Rand. I know. That's cool.

Yeah, I reached the top -


Kirsten Monroe said...

That is SO cool! Did you put the music to it? I'm so glad you made it to the top, but of course you did, of course!

Neve Black said...

Oh no. I didn't put the music to it. I was lucky to find it. Someone had all the time and good sense to think of it for me though.

Thanks for checking it out, KM. :-)

MilesB said...

Catchy tune. Not sure what the connection is with the movie, but it works well.

Neve Black said...

Hey M,
"I'm begging you for me-r-cccc-y. Why don't you release me."

Did it make you smile?

I think the film is about obsession, similiar to the words in the song.

"Well I love you, but my morals got me on my knees I'm begging you...pleeeeese." Uh, yeah, there's some obsession for ya'. :-)