Friday, December 19, 2008

Shoe sex...anyone?

As I slosh through the soupy mess of snow and rain wearing necessary socks and Ugg-type boots that cover up my recently red polished toe nails, I find myself daydreaming about warmer, sunnier days and strappy sandals -

Thank goodness the Sex and Shoes anthology is available on Ravenous Romance today! My story, For the Love of Feet can be found inside the e-pages of this foot fetish book.

Here's a taste:

"Dr. Cobbler was wearing a black pencil skirt. Black seams ran down the back of her sheer black pantyhose. She wore pointed, closed-toe, four-inch black Italian leather pumps. I think she was wearing a high collar, crème-colored silky shirt that she tucked into her tiny waist, but I couldn’t be sure.

After all, I wasn’t paying much attention to what she was wearing from the waist up. Dr. Cobbler had long, sensuous legs. I could see her well-developed calves and the delicate bones of her ankles as she sat cross-legged in a chair close to me. I imagined her ten perfect toes neatly tucked into those fine leather pumps.

My dick was twitching at the thought of kneeling down in front of her, slowly slipping off her shoes and planting wet, meaningful kisses across the tops of her sheer, nylon-covered toes and feet."

Ahhh...see there's nothing like a little shoe sex to help you forget about inclement weather, now is there?

Ciao! (inspired from Italian leather)
Neve Black


Heidi Champa said...

Congrats Neve! That is awesome. Who doesn't love a good pair of shoes?

Neve Black said...

Thanks sweetie. I know what you mean. Whenever I see my bright painted toes peeking out behind a pair of strappy sandals...well, what bad weather? Oh, dear and where are my clothes? :-)

Kirsten Monroe said...

Congrats Neve! Love the cover too!


Neve Black said...

Hi Kirsten,
Thank you, baby. :-)

Kirsten Monroe said...

ps -- your bare red toes made me think of berries, which made me want to make something summer, so in your honor, I just popped a berry pie into the oven. Something hot and berrylicious on a cold winter day.

Neve Black said...

If I'm ever back in your neck of the woods...I certainly won't need your address. I'll just roll down the car window and let my nose guide me to the most scrumdelicious smells. There I'll find you cooking something yummy in the kitchen!

Berry pie! Oh my, my... :-)

Kirsten Monroe said...

It's a triple-fruit pie with magic crust. Blackberries, blueberries & cherries. It smells goooood :) I wish you could just stop on over for some. Have a wonderful Saturday night!

Neve Black said...

Okay, that's it! I'm purchasing a plane ticket:

"Where would you like to go?" The ticket clerk will ask me.

"Don't be silly. I'm headed to the triple berry pie with magic crust place, of course!" I will reply eagerly.

I want pie now. :-)

Kirsten Monroe said...

And the ticket clerk will get a dreamy look in his eye and say, "Oh, that is a magical yummy place."

Pie was delicious -- the crust had the perfect tender flaky cinnamon sugar butteryness, according to those who partook. And I meant have a wonderful Friday night, of course! But I hope you have an even more fantastical Saturday night!

Neve Black said...

Move over Disneyland, because I think Kirsten's kitchen and her garden tool shed could be two of the happiest places on earth!