Monday, February 9, 2009

An Evening of Eroticism

If you don't already have plans for VD, please stop by. There's an open mic and I'd love to hear other voices reading their favorite and naughty erotic excerpts. The highly talented artist, Brian Pierce will be displaying his series, "The Garden of Erotic Delights." What? You need another incentive? Well, some of my very best friends will be there too, Oral, Aural, Visual and Chocolate.

Neve Black


Jeremy Edwards said...

Awesome, Neve—top billing! I wish Helia and I could be there.

Neve Black said...

Hi Jeremy,
You both will be there in spirit, my friend. :-)

Thank you -

Donna said...

This sounds GREAT! Treats and sexy prose--who could miss the double indulgence? And what a cool, supportive bookstore to sponsor such an event.

I'm there (in spirit), too! Let us know all the details :-).

Neve Black said...

Hi Donna,
I know. I'm so lucky to have this bookstore located in my immediate, edgy, urban world.

I think you'd give me a thumbs up for all the book pimping I've been doing. Whew. It's exhausting, isn't?

I'm also reading on Thursday night at a venue for poetry readings, and if that is videotaped, I will post it on the blog.

I'm trying to keep a diary of this experience not only for future reference, but to help other writers that might choose a sprinkling, or a smidgen of some of the things I've done, thus far.

Who knows? Maybe this will be helpful.

Erobintica said...

Sounds like fun!

EllaRegina said...

Have fun!

Neve Black said...

Hi Robin and EllaR,
Thank you for the good wishes.

Kirsten Monroe said...

Woo! Congrats Neve. You're on fire! And look, look up there! Neve Black everyone. Such a beautiful vixen.

What an amazing photo!!!! You should make a slide show for us so we can see them all :)

Spamword: mative -- sounds promising!

Neve Black said...

You're too kind. This was one of the tamer meow-meow shots. I'll slowly reveal more Neve in time.

Thank you for noticing and thank you for saying such lovely thoughts.