Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sex. Food. Play.

Please feel free to select the link here to read my interview with editor, Jesse Blair about my story, Bittersweet Chocolate for Ambrosia, the food and sex anthology published by Ravenous Romance. The e-book will be available for your sensual, erotic pleasure on Valentine's Day. Is that deliciously convenient, or what?

Sexy Food,
Neve Black


Emerald said...

Hot picture! Congrats on your inclusion in the food and sex anthology (which I did not manage to get it together enough to submit to in time. :)) Very cool! It is a great subject combination. :)

I liked your broccoli answer. ;) I also liked your answer in response to why you write erotica -- that you get to include exploring the sexuality of your characters in addition to their other aspects.

Neve Black said...

Thank you, sweetie!

Yah, together at last.

Erobintica said...

don't have time to read the interview right now - hopefully tomorrow - but wanted to say that picture is quite delectable.