Sunday, February 15, 2009

Neve Black Reads Nikki Magennis

Open mic at the Literary Cafe 2/12/09. Part1 from Andy Timithy on Vimeo.

The video above was from last Thursday night's open microphone poetry reading at The Literary Cafe. I'm in the mix here with other readers (about 12 minutes into the video). My reading was short and sweet. Once again, I want to thank Nikki for giving me the okay to read two of her gorgeously written poems, Madrid and After Midnight. I'm slowly warming more and more people up to the idea of eroticism. I think it's working, because I had a number of people want to look through the two books I read from, which were Alison Tyler's, Flash Fucking (Frenzy) and Afternoon Delight. The feedback I've been getting is very postive and I strongly encourage many of the young poets (twentysomething's) to explore the genre.

Neve Black


Nikki Magennis said...

Wow! That looks like a really cool night - and just a bit terrifying!

Well done, Neve, and thanks again, I'm really thrilled!

Neve Black said...

You're so welcome! Your words are truly gorgeous. I was honored to read. I'm sorry I stumbled a couple of times, but I think the audience really enjoyed both pieces. How could they not love them?

Kirsten Monroe said...

Bravo! Clap-clap-clap! What a fun reading event! Neve, you have a gorgeous voice.

Thanks for sharing -- and I agree, Nikki's words are absolutely amazing and lovable!

Neve Black said...

Thank you Kirsten. I'd also like to read your work at one of these readings too, if that's okay?

Erobintica said...

I finally had time to watch this. Great job Neve!

Neve Black said...

Oh Robin,
You're toooo kind. It's okay. I was a total dork; stumbling words and feeling nervous up there. I mentioned to Nikki that it's hard to see in that corner. This old grey, mare's eyes just ain't what they used to be.

EllaRegina said...

Great job, Neve!

And, again, beautiful voice/excellent stage presence! You gots the gams, too, girlie!

Nikki is a master lion-tamer of words. What fun it must be to read her work aloud!

Neve Black said...

Yes, Nikki rocks the words, that's for sure. I was tickled pink (I even chose to wear it) when she said I oould read her poems.

Thank you. :-)

Smut Girl said...

oh, so so nice of you neve. you know if we had more neves in the world it would definitely be a better place!
sorry am so late.

Neve Black said...

Ah, Sommer, you're so cute.

I think the world can only handle one of me though. :-)