Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sex Through The Zodiac Reading Tonight!

As a pleasant reminder, I'll be reading excerpts from my novel, Sex through The Zodiac tonight at Visible Voice Books; located in the uber-cool and fashionably hip neighborhood of Tremont. There will also be wine, chocolates and an open mic. available for anyone who'd like to read.

Happy Valentine's Day!
Neve Black


Smut Girl said...

you are soooooooo brave. i don't think i could do it. i'd just laugh and laugh inappropriately. which is what i do when my cage gets rattled. i envy people with the cajones to read. i did it once and nearly vibrated right off the podium platform.

good luck! godspeed! happy valentine's day!
p.s. is that your pretty face up there? is it? fab.

Neve Black said...

Tequila helps with the jitters. I'm NOT saying this is going to be a successful, no laughing and I won't be rattled, read, baby. Make no mistake about it, I'm a total dork.

Thank you for your thoughtful wishes, S. :-)

Happy VD to you too, sweetie!

Erobintica said...

Here's wishing you the best Neve. Hope your reading goes well - yup, tequila should help. ;-)

I will be there in spirit!

Kirsten Monroe said...

Neve, have a wonderful time! You are so firkking cool!

hearts & wishes,


Donna said...

I wish I could be there! Have a great time and I hope there are lots of wet spots on the seats ;-).

Neve Black said...

I love you guys! Thank you!

I will post at some point this week about last night's events. It was a lot of fun. I'm exhausted this morning though. Whew. Reading one's own smut is work. :-)

p.s. Yes, I did see a few men adjusting themselves in the crowd and I checked the seats on the chairs for wet spots.

Jeremy Edwards said...

But didn't they have an "arousal meter" hooked up to the undersides of the chairs? You know, like televison's "applause meter"? Oh, well, I imagine it was more fun for you to scrutinize the seats yourself. (Plus, your hot sex scenes probably would have broken the arousal meter.)

Neve Black said...

Arousal meters? I knew I'd forgotten something! I did take breaks between reading some of the heavy sex scenes and let people know there were vibrators available in both bathrooms. I think I heard the crowd let a sigh of relief. :-)