Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sommer Marsden's Dessert is Xcessica

My imagination is running wild at the thought of what the renowned, Smut Girl has created for us for dessert today. I'm sure her recipe will be similar to her book, Double Booked, which has equal parts of sensuous, sexy, and fun, with a dash of wild and crazy!

Dessert is Sex,
Neve Black


Smut Girl said...

do you know I was locked out of your blog all day yesterday? something makes it invisible on AOL.So i came here on Firefox! What have you added that has barred me from your gates, Neve!? Eek!
Thanks for the...um...*blush*...plug.
my word is bropo. the bromance police perhaps?

Neve Black said...

Oh dear,
Hmmm...well, once I get my new website up and running (swoon), the gates will be wide open.

I'm so sorry, Sommer. You know you're welcome anytime. :-)