Monday, February 2, 2009

Emerald is tossing...

sensuous salad today as we continue our on-line erotic progressive feast. Who other than our very own, Greenlight District extraordinaire - Ms. Emerald, will have each of us yearning for a frollick in a lustful bed of green and leafy!

Produce is so sexy,
Neve Black


Emerald said...

Oh, thank you!

"Produce is so sexy" -- that is so delightful, and I so agree!

Can't wait to see you for salad today!!! :)

Neve Black said...

Hi Emerald,
You look like a vibrant pink flower amongst the beautiful, green leaves in your gorgeous gown.

Yes, I'll have more salad, please.

Thank you!

Emerald said...

Big hug, Neve, and it's been a delight to see you there!

With all this salad preparation I'm so behind on my blog reading -- I haven't even gotten to watch your video yet, but you look beautiful in the screen shot! I am planning to catch up by tomorrow. :)