Thursday, March 5, 2009

Octupus's Garden

“I’d like to be…under the sea…in an octopus’s garden with you…”

Um…I’m sorry about that. You caught me singing the Beatles, Octopus’s Garden. I’m getting ready for the 16th Annual Pisces Party held at The Literary Cafe this Saturday, March 7th at 9:00 p.m.

Ruled by two planets, Neptune and Jupiter, it’s no wonder the astrological sign for Pisces are two fish swimming in opposite directions: one fish is swimming down into decadence and physical indulgence, while the other swims up toward spiritual heights.

Now that I’ve given you this nibble of knowledge, please know all zodiac signs are welcome to dive into the deep, blue waters and swim with these sensitive and often artistic Pisces fish – the more in the pool the merrier!

Note: The Literary Café is a cash only bar. A fish dish to share with others is recommended when going to the Pisces Party.

See you there,
Neve Black


MilesB said...

Umm... can I bring chum?

Neve Black said...

I dunno. Are you going to Crock Off it? :-)

MilesB said...

Maybe. Or you can make chum empanadas! :)

Neve Black said...

Eeeeew! That's gross.