Friday, March 6, 2009

Senorita Black's Empanada Emporium

Please join me at BrokeAss Gourmet today. I've posted a recipe on how to create your very own hot n' spicy and cheap as hell, Spanish empanadas!

I want to thank Violet Blue for introducing me to BAG.

Neve Black


Donna said...

Neve, they sound delicious. Do you have a tray with guacamole dip ready for visitors?

Neve Black said...

Yes, Donna I do. I also have tequila available at all times. What are doing for Tres De Mayo? Please stop over to my casa for a little Spanish party and lots and lots of freshly made empanadas!

MilesB said...

Let me just offer a confirmation to all out there in the InterWebs that Neve's empanadas simply rock. And I'm happy to be on the bartering receiving end any time.

Neve Black said...

Thanks, Miles. :-)

Kristina Wright said...

Oh!! I love empanadas! They remind me of my childhood in south Florida. Thanks for this.

Neve Black said...

Hi Kristina,
Welcome to empanada emporium!

Thank you for stopping by and commenting. :-)