Friday, August 8, 2008

Taking a Break

I took a break from writing yesterday. I've completed two out of three stories I've been working on and I felt I needed to touch base with the real world. You know, the civilized world outside my coffee pot, and laptop? Yeah. That world.

Anyone that has a true passion for something can relate to this: "Oh, hey, it's been awhile, but that's what a person looks like." Or,"Gee,, this is good stuff, I should eat more often." Okay, I'm embellishing. I'm certainly no H.D. Thoreau; living out in the woods; spending hours, days and years observing and writing about it: Just being. Besides, that's what Yoga is for, right?

I do interact with people: I have a job that I describe as: The Job that pay my bills and is funding my trip to Europe this year. I do get my sweat-on and head to the gym, so there is a certain amount of socialization aspects to my daily life. I have friends too. Yeah. I swear, I really do.

Then there's the caveat...

The job that pays my bills affords me the opportunity to get a lot of writing done while I'm there; which is a life I've wanted to have forever. Having a job like that equates to having little interaction with the human species. I can't complain about that specific aspect of the job while I'm typing out a novel and getting paid by the hour to do so. Capiche'?

Oh, wait, there's more...

The exhorbant cost of fuel these days has me spending more time walking and cycling the trails close to my house instead of driving to the gym and talking and socializing with human life forms. This isn't really a bad thing. I'd much rather be outside; enjoying the summer and the fresh air (oops, I forgot, I live above the industrial revolution; too late for fresh air). So...I guess I'm right back to the first line of today's message: I needed a break from writing and touch base with reality again.


I went to the CMA, aka Cleveland Museum of Art. The museum has been under serious rehab and they've started to re-open certain areas in late June. It was fabulous being back; seeing some old friends. I won't get into a diatribe and give my opinion of what they've done to my museum...especially the outdoor courtyard. Gasp! Lets just say, I'll refrain from making any more comments until the project is complete in 2012. Okay, okay, okay, so you're probably right, I won't be able to shut-up about one of my all time favorite places for four years. I'm sure you'll be hearing more from again about the CMA crises.

But...until then...

I do feel as if I touched base with civilization today instead of hammering out perfect prose...and I'm ready to tackle that third story.


p.s.The cigarette and or business card holder above can be ordered here via Etsy. I love it.

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