Sunday, February 1, 2009

Neve's Irreverant Talk Show Interview

Here's the videotaped interview from Saturday, January 24th. Nope. I didn't know what the hell I was doing. Nope. There wasn't a script. Yes, tequila was involved. And yes, I did get to pimp Sex through the Zodiac and the publisher, Ravenous Romance.

The New Literary Cafe Talk Show. #21. Neve Black. from Andy Timithy on Vimeo.

Thank you Linda and Andy -
Neve Black


Robin said...

Finally had time to watch this. Neve, that was hysterical! How did you not completely dissolve into laughter on the floor?

Guess they have a members only club!

Are all of these shows so funny? I may get hooked.

Erobintica said...

Hmm, why did my identity thingy not work? Oh well. That was me.

Neve Black said...

Hi Robin,
Thanks for watching the interview. There's something to be said about publicity, I suppose, good or bad. :-)

I was trying so hard to be the professional guest, but as you can tell, there were times when I couldn't refrain from laughing because I just couldn't figure out where their questions were going, which is part of the reason the show is so funny.

Yes, the Literary Cafe Talk Shows have been going on for years now and they're meant to be funny, not serious, and sometimes even scandalous.

The Literary Cafe is hands down one of the best places on earth. It's a cool, funky, bohemian-type of hang-out.

EllaRegina said...

I thought you were very professional. And you looked great doing it!

EllaRegina said...

(I wanted Dick to spit out his gum, though. Luckily a screen separated us). ;-)

Kirsten Monroe said...


Goodness! What crazy fun. I agree with EllaRegina -- you were so professional and look absolutely stunning!


Emerald said...

Cool, you were a surfer! You kept your cool pretty well amidst the seeming randomness, it seemed to me. Lol! And you looked SO beautiful, and I love your voice!

Neve Black said...

You just rock! Thank you for taking the time to listen.

I know deep down inside I'm a dork though. It's okay. I've come to accept this piece of myself. :-)

Neve Black said...

I think you might be one of my best blogland friends. You're always so supportive. Thank you.

The interview was fun. It's supposed to be kind of drunk and crazy thing. You can see I was the only one not drinking though. :-)

Neve Black said...

Thank you. I'm just getting to know you, Green Light District(I love that) girl!

I appreciate the support of everyone in blogland. We all know how difficult it is to expose ourselves to the world; expose our inner-most workings and I feel like each of us are the others safety net, if and when we need it. :-)

Jeremy Edwards said...

I totally agree that you were poised, professional, and perfect!

Not to mention SEXY. : )

Neve Black said...

I hope Helia doesn't mind when I say, "I love you for saying such nice things." :-)

Thank you!

Donna said...

It took a while to clean up all of those little erotic wine cups, but I finally got the chance to watch your video, Neve. Wow, you are a CLASS act. I'm so proud of you and glad you are representing erotica writers with such beauty, poise and level-headed charm. My new definition of the erotica vs. porn debate. Your hosts=porn. You=erotica ;-)

Neve Black said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to watch the interview and thank you for your very kind words.


Neve Black said...

Robin, EllaR, Kirsten, Jeremy, Donna, and Emerald (and everyone else in our erotic family),

I'm very honored to be part of this ever evolving and dynamic erotic group. I feel like I'm amongst my people at long last. I love all of you in a never meeting you, but feel the love and support kind of way.

That support we all offer and give freely is such a gift.

Thank you -